Why should you contribute to open-source organizations?

Open source is born out of the altruism of programmers who are willing to freely share their experience, knowledge, and products. Therefore, contributing to open source is also a contribution of your own altruism. Additionally, contributing to open source helps you enhance your own capabilities, gain recognition, and increase opportunities to work for large and well-known organizations globally. It is like investing your effort instead of spending a lot of money on marketing.

Open source often produces libraries, frameworks, or specific products that provide you with a foundation to quickly create your own products at the lowest cost. Others can also use the open-source products you create, connecting you to the world at large.

The steps to contribute to open source for Young Monkeys

Using Young Monkeys' products.

Young Monkeys' products offer a wide range of components that allow you to create websites, applications, and games. You can explore and utilize these products here.

Share Young Monkeys' products

Sharing is the best way for you to gain a deeper understanding of Young Monkeys' products and also helps more people to become aware of and use Young Monkeys' products, thus elevating your own position. You can share through articles, podcasts, or videos.

Contributing new ideas or source code to Young Monkeys' projects is highly encouraged

You can contribute directly to Young Monkeys by creating Pull Requests on our GitHub repositories. Your contributions can range from introducing new features, implementing new designs for better efficiency, or simply fixing bugs. This direct involvement allows you to actively contribute to the development and improvement of our projects.