An Open Source Organization with the Goal of
Simplifying Technology for Everyone.

What is open source?

Open source refers to software, applications, or software development projects whose source code is publicly available, allowing anyone to view, modify, and distribute that source code under predetermined terms and conditions.

Young Monkeys open source

Young Monkeys provides open-source programming libraries, software, and applications under the Apache 2.0 and EzyPlatform licenses. You are welcome to contribute your ideas and source code on GitHub or publish plugins on EzyPlatform. Additionally, you can also sponsor us to receive special benefits in return.

What is open cooperation?

Open collaboration is a special form of collaboration where members openly and voluntarily share information, resources, experiences, and technologies to achieve common goals or address specific issues.

Young Monkeys co operation

If you have a technological idea but lack the funding, open collaboration is a suitable option. Please leave your contact information, and we will provide you with appropriate guidance on a tailored roadmap to develop a product according to your requirements.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a business method in which a company hires another company or individual to perform certain tasks, assignments, or processes on behalf of the company, instead of being performed by the company itself.

Young Monkeys outsourcing

If you need to complete a product and are willing to pay a minimum of $3500 for one person, please leave your contact information and we will proceed to discuss your requirements and the desired roadmap with you.

Highlighted Projects


The platform allows you to quickly create powerful and limitless websites, applications, or games.

EzyFox Server

A socket server support TCP, UDP and Websocket protocols. You can use it for app, game, streaming or anything else you desire.


A framework support to interact to http (both client and server). You can use it to provide APIs or dynamic websites.