EzyFox Server

1. What is EzyFox Server?

EzyFox server is a socket server, it supports TCP, UDP and Websocket protocols, you can use EzyFox Server to develop every client server application, RPC socket server, message queue broker, SaaS, PaaS or anything else. Example:

  1. Game server application
  2. Web server application
  3. Mobile App’s server application
  4. Chat service
  5. Push notification service

2. What does EzyFox Server provide?

EzyFox Server provide a framework that includes a server library, a server application and a list of client SDKs:

  1. C++ Client SDK
  2. Android Client SDK
  3. CSharp Client SDK
  4. Javascript Client SDK
  5. ES6 Client SDK
  6. Javascript Client SDK
  7. Swift Client SDK
  8. Java Client SDK
  9. Netty Client SDK
  10. React Native Client SDK
  1. Hello World: a simplest example.
  2. Simple Chat: a simplest chat example.
  3. Stresstest: a simple stress test for EzyFox Server.
  4. Freechat: a chat socket application.
  5. Space Shooter: a Unity shooter game.
  6. Space Game: a Cocos2d-x shooter game.
  7. Lucky Wheel: a Phaser lucky wheel game.
  8. EzySmashers: A Unity MMO game.