Game Box


1. What is Game Box?

To rapidly build online games, developers often have to use a game server engine like SmartFoxServer or Photon, but unfortunately, they come with really high price, especially when more and more users are engaging in our products. Therefore, we develop game-box engine powered by the EzyFox Ecosystem aiming to make everything free and open for everyone who are keen on building scalable multi-players games.

EzyFox Ecosystem supports a wide range of most important components to develop an enterprise product including TCP, UDP, WebSocket protocols with SSL encryption, HTTP RESTful API, Remote procedure call RPC protocol, Database interaction, Memory caching, Message Queue.

2. What does Game Box provide?

Provide Entities, Managers, Handlers, Maths classes for many types of online games (Turn-based (Located), MMO, Normal):

  • Entities: MMOPlayer, LocatedPlayer, MMORoom, LocatedRoom, NormalRoom, MMOVirtualWorld.
  • Managers: MMORoomManager, LocatedRoomManager, MMOPlayerManager, LocatedPlayerManager.
  • Handlers: Synchronized Position Handler.
  • Maths: Rect, Vec2, Vec3.
  1. EzySmashers: A simple MMO Game.
  2. FreeTank: A simple MMO game.