What is open cooperation?

Open collaboration is a special form of collaboration in which members share information, resources, experience, and technology openly and voluntarily to achieve common goals or address specific issues.

Young Monkeys cooperation

If you have a technological idea but lack funding, open collaboration can be a suitable choice. Please leave your contact information, and we will provide you with consultation on a suitable roadmap to create a product according to your requirements.

The steps to collaborate with Young Monkeys

  1. Contact us: Get in touch with us to initiate the collaboration.
  2. Discuss ideas: Engage in discussions to explore and refine the ideas.
  3. Draft terms: Work together to draft the terms and conditions of the collaboration.
  4. Sign the contract: Formalize the collaboration by signing the contract.
  5. Execution: Implement the agreed-upon plans and carry out the collaborative project.
  6. Acceptance and contract closure: Conduct acceptance testing or evaluation, and conclude the collaboration according to the terms of the contract.