Deploy EzyFox Server

Updated at 1699804166000


  1. Java 8
  2. We recommend you use: Ubuntu server 18.04+ Or Centos server 7+. But if you familiar with Windows you can use Windows Server 2012+


Step 1. Prepare a server

Create a physical server or you can use VPS like Amazon EC2 or Google Cloud or Digital Ocean.

Step 2. Deploy EzyFox Server

In the first time you deploy your application, you can copy entire ezyfox-server folder (include your applications) to the which server or VPS you have just created. But in the next time you deploy, you will only need to copy the changed files to the respective folders in ezyfox-server.

Step 3. Start EzyFox Server

For Windows

You just need run console.bat

For Linux

  1. In the first time you start ezyfox server or sometimes you want to debug, you can run ./ to see console log.
  2. If you want to run ezyfox server in background you can run: ./ or ./ ; tail -f logs/ezyfox-server.log to see log.
  3. If you want to stop ezyfox server you can run ./


If you can not run ezyfox server, maybe you're forgetting to install your required components like MongoDB, MySQL, Redis ... So, please install and start them before start ezyfox server.


We can take a look above video for a complete guide.