1. Introduct to Quick RPC

QuickRPC is an open source high performance RPC framework. It can proper to connect services in your system. It also suitable for load balancing, tracing, health checking and authentication

2. Import Quick RPC

To create a Quick RPC server application we need add dependency
To use Quick RPC client we need add dependency
The latest version can be found in the Maven Central repository.

3. Create and start a Quick RPC server

QuickRpcSettings settings = QuickRpcSettings.builder()
QuickRpcServer server = new QuickRpcServer(settings)

4. Create a Quick RPC client

QuickRpcClient client = QuickRpcClient.builder()

5. Send a request

GreetResponse response = client.call(
    new GreetRequest("World"), 

6. Conclusion

Quick RPC is a good choice to replace Rest API and Message Queue for RPC. It really simple to use but is highest performance