EzyData: 1.1.6

1. What is EzyData?

EzyData is a framework supports interaction to data, database and memory caching. EzyData’s covering:

  1. Java Persistance API (JPA)
  2. MongoDB
  3. Morphia
  4. Elastic Search
  5. Redis
  6. Hazelcast

2. What does EzyData provide?

  1. Entity mapping
  2. Query result mapping
  3. Query by method name
  4. Query by string
  5. Annotation driven

3. Getting Started

List of guides:

  1. EzyMongo Introduction

List of examples:

  1. Java Examples: a list of examples written in java
  2. Koltin JPA: a JPA + HTTP example written in Kotlin
  3. Kotlin MongoDB: a MongoDB + HTTP example written in Kotlin
  4. Kotlin Redis: a Redis + HTTP example written in Kotlin