EzyHTTP Upload file

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Same as every HTTP server framewords, EzyHttp allows you upload file, too. And we recommend you let's use asynchronous API, to know why, please take a look the explanation here.

1. FileUploader

EzyHTTP provides to you an convenient FileUploader class. It wraps ResourceUploadManager, an event loop like below:

And the event loop will do like this:

    take a inputstream/outputstream pair from the queue:
        take 1024 bytes from the inputstream of the requested file and push to client's outputstream
        if there is no remain data in the inputstream
            then response to the client: call to the callback and done
            push the the inputstream/outputstream pair back to the queue

2. Enable file upload configuration

To enable file upload, you can add the configuration to your application.properties file like this:


If you want to set queue capacity and thread pool size, buffer size, you can setup:

resources.upload.capacity=[an integer value]
resources.upload.thread_pool_size=[an integer value]
resources.upload.buffer_size=[an integer value]

3. Upload file asynchronously

To upload a file asynchronously with FilerUploader, you can do like this:

    public class FileController {
        private final FileUploadService fileUploadService;
        public void uploadPost(
            RequestArguments requestArguments
        ) throws Exception {
    public class FileUploadService {
        private final FileUploader fileUploader;
        public void accept(HttpServletRequest request) throws Exception {
                () -> System.out.println("Upload finished")
        public void accept(
            HttpServletRequest request,
            Part part,
            EzyExceptionVoid callback
        ) {
            String fileName = part.getSubmittedFileName();
            File file = new File("files/" + fileName);
            AsyncContext asyncContext = request.getAsyncContext();
            fileUploader.accept(asyncContext, part, file, callback);

4. Upload file Synchronously

To upload a file synchronously, you can do like this:

    public class FileController {
        public ResponseEntity uploadSyncPost(
            HttpServletRequest request
        ) throws Exception {
            Part part = request.getPart("file");
            String fileName = part.getSubmittedFileName();
            File file = new File("files/" + fileName);
            InputStream inputStream = part.getInputStream();
            byte[] buffer = new byte[1024];
            try (OutputStream outputStream = new FileOutputStream(file)) {
                while (true) {
                    int read = inputStream.read(buffer);
                    if (read > 0) {
                        outputStream.write(buffer, 0, read);
                    } else {
            return ResponseEntity.noContent();

Next step

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