EzyFox Library


1. What is EzyFox?

EzyFox is a basic library. It supports to create every projects written in Java, Kotlin and Scala. You can use EzyFox library to:

  1. Develop an Application
  2. Develop a Framework
  3. Learn or Study Java

2. What does EzyFox Server provide?

EzyFox provide many things. It wraps almost components of java:

  1. Java Utilities
  2. Java Generics
  3. Java Reflection
  4. Java Security
  5. Java Just In Time
  6. Java IO
  7. Java Concurrent

It also provides extension of Java core:

  1. Bean management.
  2. Data binding.
  3. Message Pack Protocol.
  4. Json Protocol.
  5. Tools as Library.
EzyFox Examples: contains all EzyFox’s examples.