What benefits does EzyPlatform provide to users?

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EzyPlatform aims for simplicity, practicality, low cost, yet ensures the highest quality for users.

Getting Started

When individuals or organizations decide to create software, it's not a simple decision. Most people consider:

  1. Practicality and necessity: Users can often use existing software, such as MS Excel for calculations, MS Word for text editing, and various messaging apps for communication and customer care. Therefore, creating new software might seem unnecessary.
  2. Cost: A crucial factor for individuals and businesses. With the rising salaries of programmers, the cost of developing conventional software often exceeds the budgets of small and medium-sized individuals and businesses.
  3. Idea presentation skills: Describing a product can be challenging, especially for non-tech individuals. Analyzing and designing software might be impractical, and creating software without a clear vision might not meet expectations.
  4. Operational capability: Small individuals or businesses usually lack a programming team, limiting their ability to upgrade and address security concerns, leading to concerns about significant expenses.

Young Monkeys understands this, so EzyPlatform is designed to help users start easily with the lowest possible cost. It serves as a trial for users to determine if software creation is truly necessary, if it generates sufficient revenue to cover costs, laying the groundwork for future investment, upgrades, and operations to create the perfect product according to their ideas.


As mentioned earlier, cost is a leading factor in deciding whether users create new software. Therefore, starting with the smallest cost is essential for accessibility and creating the initial product.

EzyPlatform offers ready-to-run products or demo versions for users to visualize before deciding to create software, even with an initial cost of 0.

Young Monkeys has terms to protect users, ensuring they don't have to pay for existing free items, even if they need to hire another unit for development.

EzyPlatform also provides tools to help users operate and upgrade with the lowest possible cost.


By attracting software developers worldwide to develop products based on EzyPlatform and bringing them to the market, users can find products that meet their needs, saving time on requirements analysis, product description, and design. For example, if you want to create a blog, you can use EzyBlog or FreeStyle.


Everyone can have countless different ideas for products that bring value and convenience to their customers. However, implementing all ideas at once is challenging and expensive. By integrating unlimited plugins, EzyPlatform allows users to realize their ideas one by one by extending the roadmap through creating various plugins to meet continuously changing needs.

High-Quality Products

Before products are listed on the market, the Young Monkeys team carefully reviews them from all aspects, including product quality, source code, compatibility, and security vulnerabilities. Therefore, users can fully trust the quality of the products they are using.