Introduce EzyPlatform

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What is EzyPlatform?

  1. EzyPlatform is a server software that provides an administration interface and user interface for both real-time and non-real-time APIs.
  2. It is also a framework that offers libraries and tools for programming themes and plugins that can be integrated into the aforementioned server software.
  3. Furthermore, EzyPlatform serves as a marketplace where you can buy, sell, and exchange plugins created by yourself or others, all in compliance with the EzyPlatform License.
  4. We are also developing EzyPlatform Cloud to allow users to initiate an EzyPlatform Server with just a mouse click.

What is EzyPlatform aiming for?

  1. First, EzyPlatform aims for the goal of "Less code - As little programming as possible." We try to package everything so that even programmers don't have to write too much code but can still create a complete product.
  2. Next, we aim for the goal of "No code - No need for programming." Programming should be reserved for programmers, and even users and software developers may not need to type any source code to create their own products and satisfy their customers.
  3. Finally, we aim for the goal of "AI code - AI will program instead of humans." When the number of plugins is large enough, we apply AI, and at that point, programmers may not even need to write source code but simply teach AI to program according to their intentions.

In summary, we aim to reduce the labor of programmers, allowing them to have more rest time or focus on higher-level tasks. We help software developers and users create products easily, accurately meeting their needs with the lowest cost.

Term: End users" - These are the people using EzyPlatform.

Is EzyPlatform open source?

Yes, but it is not open source completely. We will open a part source code on Github.

What can I do with EzyPlatform?

  1. You can use EzyPlatform for free to create your own websites, games, or applications.
  2. You can also use EzyPlatform for free to create themes and plugins, and you have the option to buy, sell, or exchange these themes and plugins through the EzyPlatform marketplace.

What protocols does EzyPlatform provide?

  2. TCP.
  3. UDP.
  4. Websocket.

Can I add and customize the components I want for EzyPlatform?

Yes, you can accomplish that by developing your own plugins.

Can I use EzyPlatform in commercial products?

Yes, you can. But you need follow by EzyPlatform License.

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