EzyPlatform Tech Stack

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Frameworks Used

EzyPlatform is a flexible combination of frameworks supporting real-time socket processing, HTTP, and database interactions.

For Back-End

They include:

1. EzyFox Server: A socket server framework providing real-time capabilities for EzyPlatform.

1.1. Java NIO: A library within the Java core, providing components for socket handling.

1.2. Jetty Websocket: A websocket server framework provided by Eclipse.

1.3. EzyFox: A foundational library provided by Young Monkeys.

2. EzyData: A framework providing database communication capabilities for EzyPlatform.

2.1. Hibernate: An ORM framework providing data mapping from the database to Java classes.

2.2. JPA: Java Persistence API, a library providing common interfaces for dealing with databases in Java.

2.3. HikariCP: A library implementing JDBC connection pooling.

2.3.1. JDBC: A library within Java Core, providing common interfaces for dealing with databases in Java. Database: You can choose any SQL-supporting database.

3. EzyHTTP: An HTTP server framework providing the capability to handle HTTP requests for EzyPlatform. However, it does not actually implement an HTTP server; instead, it acts as a bridge between EzyPlatform and the Jetty HTTP Server.

3.1. Jetty Http Server: An HTTP server framework.

3.2. Thymeleaf: A framework supporting the creation of HTML from templates.

For Front-End

They include:

1. Bootstrap: A responsive css framework. We're using version 4 for admin and you can use version 5 for web.

2. JQuery: A convenient javascript framework for HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler.

3. EzyFox Server client SDKs: To interact with EzyFox Server.

4. ReactJS, Vue.js or any other framework you want to create client UI.