EzyPlatform development roadmap

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The development roadmap consists of three main steps.

Step 1: Develop the developer community and user market.

This is the initial step to introduce EzyPlatform to the first developers and start its development for real-world projects for users.

Develop the community.

Some tasks to develop the community for EzyPlatform include:

  1. Write in-depth books on system design, programming techniques, web programming, and apps to share specialized knowledge, tips, and also to connect with the community. YMs has published two books: 'Classic Design Patterns in Programming' and 'Survival Principles in Programming'. You can find them by searching on Google.
  2. Share knowledge, new technologies, and things that are difficult to put in books with the community, making it easier for them to access EzyPlatform. You can find a member's blog at https://tvd12.com.
  3. Create tutorial videos on using EzyPlatform to help the developer community understand its principles, how to use themes, plugins, and apps to assist developers in creating products for themselves or their users. You can find our YouTube channel here: https://youtube.com/@youngmonkeys9091.

Develop the user market.

Some tasks to attract EzyPlatform users include:

  1. Create popular themes, plugins, and apps such as blogs, Q&A, e-commerce, education, etc., to attract ordinary users who want to run their businesses. You can find themes, apps, and plugins at the marketplace.
  2. Develop products for Young Monkeys; we have created products to provide to YMs users, for example:
  1. After a period of developing basic products, it's time for us to focus on developing high-difficulty products, for example:
  1. This is a good time as businesses have the need for digital transformation, and EzyPlatform, with its cost optimization capabilities, will seek organizations needing digital transformation, understand their needs, and turn their ideas into reality at the lowest cost through open collaboration.

Step 2: Attract organizations to use and develop EzyPlatform while attracting investors.

This step will accelerate EzyPlatform's popularity and bring value to organizations and investors.

Attract organizations to use and develop EzyPlatform.

Some tasks in this step may include:

  1. With a certain number of developers and a specific user market, YMs will be able to reach out to medium and large organizations to engage in using, developing, and sponsoring EzyPlatform.
  2. YMs also needs to collaborate with VPS providers to simplify the installation, operation, and use of EzyPlatform for all users.
  3. YMs also needs to collaborate with training institutions to create a high-quality workforce for the EzyPlatform development and user market.

Step 3: Support startups and develop EzyPlatform on a global scale.

This step will take EzyPlatform to new heights, drive development for startup ideas, turn these ideas into reality, and increase EzyPlatform's value to the world.

Support startups.

Starting from 2014 until now, Young Monkeys understands the difficulties that startups can face, such as a lack of products, capital, market, and technology. Therefore, in the stage where EzyPlatform has developed stably and has significant revenue, YMs wants to:

  1. Sponsor products for individuals and organizations with startup ideas. For example, if you are a finance lecturer and want to sell basic finance courses, we will support products such as websites, applications, and technological infrastructure for you to create and sell courses.
  2. Next, we can sponsor capital for you to overcome the difficult startup stage and obtain the first customers and revenue.
  3. Furthermore, we are also willing to sponsor startups operating in the field of researching new technologies.

Develop the global market.

The demand for technology and software is not only in one country but on a global scale. This means that now, almost anyone, any organization, is using some kind of technology or software on their phones or computers. Therefore, EzyPlatform aims to:

  1. Attract software developers globally to use and participate in the development of EzyPlatform, themes, apps, and plugins.
  2. Attract users globally to create products that meet all their needs.
  3. Attract investors globally to invest in EzyPlatform to contribute to developing the market for EzyPlatform in their countries, through establishing legal entities in target markets and issuing shares on famous international stock exchanges.


  • Users: Developers or users of the EzyPlatform server.
  • Products: Themes, apps, and plugins.
  • Marketplace: EzyPlatform Marketplace or EzyPlatform Market.
  • YMs: Young Monkeys.