Handle exception and error for web

Updated at 1691037510000


Handling exceptions and discrete errors can lead to difficulties in tracking or missing errors. Therefore, EzyPlatform has provided pre-defined classes for handling exceptions and errors.

Exception Handling

Exceptions thrown during the processing of requests in controllers and interceptors will be handled if they are annotated with @TryCatch. EzyPlatform has provided the WebGlobalExceptionHandler class to handle some exceptions. You can create a subclass as follows:

public class EzyWebGlobalExceptionHandler extends WebGlobalExceptionHandler {}

Error Handling

Exceptions that are not handled will be considered errors. EzyPlatform also provides the WebGlobalErrorHandler class to handle basic-level errors. You can create a subclass as follows:

public class EzyWebGlobalErrorHandler extends WebGlobalErrorHandler {}


When using these classes, try to use exceptions that are pre-defined by ezyfox, ezyhttp, or ezyplatform. If not, you will need to add handling code to the handler classes you created above.