How do developers make money through EzyPlatform?

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Step 1: Developers create themes, apps, and plugins.

Users can create any theme, app, or plugin as long as it does not violate the laws in the developer's jurisdiction.

Step 2: Developers list their products on the marketplace.

  • Developers create an EzyPlatform account by registering on the website:
  • Developers create a project, set the price and necessary information, and then proceed to create a version.
  • After developers create a version, YMs will review, request changes or additions if necessary. If everything is okay, the version will be approved.
  • Once the version is approved, developers can release it, and the product will be available on the marketplace.

Step 3: Users purchase the products.

  • Users search for and purchase products on the marketplace or through the search feature within the EzyPlatform server admin.
  • Users make the purchase and complete the payment.
  • After the payment is complete, the amount will be recorded for the developer, with a minimum of 60% after deducting payment fees, taxes, and fixed fees of 30%.

Step 4: Users use the products.

  • Users install the purchased products on their EzyPlatform servers.
  • Developers may request users to pay for additional premium features or support packages.
  • Users can make additional purchases if they wish, and the payment will go through the marketplace's payment gateway.


In summary, developers can package their products according to the standards set by EzyPlatform, list them on the marketplace, and then wait for buyers to earn commissions. EzyPlatform is responsible for delivering the developer's products to users.


User: Refers to developers or users of EzyPlatform servers.

Product: Refers to themes, apps, and plugins.

Marketplace: Refers to the EzyPlatform marketplace or EzyPlatform Market.

YMs: Young Monkeys