Install multiple EzyPlatforms in one machine

Updated at 1706263803000
Because each EzyPlatform uses a different secret key to encrypt data, you will need to create separate databases for each EzyPlatform. Suppose you run EzyPlatform A pointing to database A, then you run EzyPlatform B pointing to database B; you will encounter an error:
2024-01-19 16:01:43.982 [qtp1071783182-87] WARN  c.t.e.s.jetty.JettyBlockingServlet handle request uri: /login error
java.lang.IllegalStateException: can not generate access token for admin id: 1
	at org.youngmonkeys.ezyplatform.util.AccessTokens.generateAccessToken(

For details on the error, you can refer here.

This error occurs because the secret key encrypted by EzyPlatform A cannot be decrypted by EzyPlatform B.

In case you want to run multiple EzyPlatforms simultaneously on the same machine, you will need to configure different ports for the admin, socket, and web components of each EzyPlatform. You can do this by changing the properties in the following files:

  1. admin/settings/
  2. socket/settings/ezy-settings.xml.
  3. web/settings/