Some reasons leading to errors

Updated at 1691132347000


There are some relatively confusing and frustrating errors that can occur while using EzyPlatform due to missing actions such as:

  1. Forgetting to export.
  2. Missing menu item declarations.
  3. Missing @Authenticated annotation.

Forgetting to export

Due to being engrossed in programming, we sometimes forget to export or export the plugin incorrectly. This error often leads to missing menus, missing messages, and other related issues.

Missing menu item declarations

It is easy to forget to declare certain menu items, especially hidden ones:

top.ecommerce.shops=/shops; fas fa-store
top.ecommerce.shops_add=~/shops/add # Hidden menu items should start with ~

This error often results in the admin not being able to call the necessary decoration functions for the view and encountering null values in variables, for example:


Missing @Authenticated annotation

This error will result in a NullPointerException when using the @UserId annotation or the @AdminId annotation.